It’s time to know and trust in the Word of God like never before and to use your authority in Christ to call down this evil and usher in the Great Harvest!

Blessed2Teach (B2T) Ministries Mission: Bring people to the narrow path of salvation through Jesus Christ, make disciples worldwide and activate sleeping believers so that each of us use our authority in Christ to call down the evil of the Cabal and bring an end to child torture, sacrifices and trafficking and to take back dominion over the earth for God’s Kingdom rule.


Rick grew his “Blessed to Teach” YouTube channel to over 110k subscribers with some videos getting over 250k views. The B2T Show goes live on 7 platforms each weekday night (Rumble, Facebook, Clouthub, Twitch, etc.) and is distributed to over 20 platforms the next morning (Bitchute, Roku, Podcasts, etc.).

Rick is passionate about serving the Lord and helping others understand the reliability of the Bible and their authority in Christ. Rick lends his expertise to stages, local and national media outlets, and through his online course. This is a critical time for the Children of God to arise and use the power and authority that God has given them. It’s time to stand up against the New World Order and call in the remnant to take back possession of the nations!